Monday, 18 July 2011

I hate the rain!

When is summer going to start?! Recently we have had the occasional day of beautiful weather followed by what seems like endless and constant rain. I am so fed up and bored of the rain! Not only does it cost more to entertain the children but my diet seems to deteriorate drastically during the miserable weather.

The girls and me relaxing in the garden and having fun!
During April and early May this year, I enjoyed a number of barbecues and days in the sun with friends and the children. We thought summer had started early and that it was going to get better! But just as I thought it was going to last, it got cold, wet and overcast.

Every so often I wake up to a blue sky and the sun. After leaving my elder daughter at pre-school, I walk to the park with my toddler where she loves climbing and running about. When the sun is shining, I love walking and so does Abigail. Who doesn't love that feeling of the warmth of the sun wrapping round you like a cosy blanket?

Last Friday we had a fun family barbecue, the girls played in the garden and we relaxed in the warm weather. But the following day, it was as if autumn had started. It rained, and rained, and rained ...

Entertaining the children in the sunshine is easy and cheap. It doesn't cost anything to go to the park and run about. But it costs a small fortune to bring three children to a softplay centre and you need a second mortgage to go to the cinema! It's not just the cost of the tickets, it's the overpriced but too appealing treats as well. 

I am convinced that if I lived in a hot climate, I would be very slim! When it's warm, I eat sensibly and find it relatively easy to eat healthily ... salads and fruit are in, while chocolate, scones and croissants are out. Unfortunately, I became a different person as regards my diet in the cold, wet weather. I constantly crave fattening, comforting foods. This is all very well in the winter but not in the "summer" when the weather occasionally improves and I have to wear shorts! 

So not only does this miserable weather cost more money to entertain the children but it also turns me into a comfort-food craving lunatic! Is there anything I can do to change this? Well, I can't control the weather. Emigration is an option but as we are settled where we are, it is very unlikely. And to emigrate just for a warmer climate, is a little extreme. Regarding my diet, I think I just to exercise more self-control, although easier said than done! Unfortunately I think indoor entertainment for the children will always be expensive and therefore an occasional treat.

I am still holding out hope that summer will properly arrive and remain, until at least September ... it's good to be an optimist!


  1. Sarah, I nearly wet myself (lol) when I read the above post! Don't talk to me about rain, I was watching Wimbledon with a wee glass of vino last month and had left Fable in her Jumperoo seat at the back door. It started pouring down and the only reason I noticed was the dog came in soaking! Poor Fable was drenched and never cried once! Maybe I've taken controlled crying too far lol! Sharon

  2. Oh no! My toddler would probably happily play in the rain, given the chance! I'm feeling much happier as we had sunshine today!!

  3. I know it's absolutely ridiculous!! I'm with you on the optimism that our summer has yet to start!! Here's hoping :)

  4. Funny here in Scotland its considered good luck if your baby gets rain on its face. A lot of Mums will take their babies out for a walk as soon as the rain comes on for that reason!