Thursday, 8 September 2011

I want to be young again!!

Recently I've started feeling old, or rather started to feel my age! And I wonder when I should start lying about my age and what age I could get away with!

Whilst reflecting on why I have suddenly begun to feel ancient, I came across a 'lovely' article, which made me realise I'm not the only one to feel old ... Women feel old at 29! So I decided to compile a list of things that make me realise that I am no longer as young as I'd like to be:

  1. It makes my day when I'm told I look too young to have an 11 year old, I wish I was!
  2. I meet someone who I assume is about the same age as me to find out they're 10 years younger. Do they look really awful for their age or do I just have poor judgement?!
  3. Then I meet someone who is the same age as me who looks way older and I begin to wonder if I look as old as them!!
  4. The fact that I have actually started to think about my age, it never worried me before.
  5. I enjoy clubbing but beginning to wonder if the underage teenagers think I should be at home  snuggled on the sofa rather than out having fun!
  6. I realise that most people my age would rather be snuggled on the sofa than out clubbing!
  7. I love bouncing on the trampoline but have to get off slowly.
  8. When I'm at the park with the kids, I have to assess if I can get off the climbing frame, before I get on it!
  9. Finally accepted that my mum is always right ... your metabolism starts to slow down as you get older, so eat less or you'll get fat!
  10. Pretty sure I'm beginning to get wrinkles. Can I call them laughter lines?!
Please add your own!


  1. I had my 3rd child at 30 and it was a huge milestone for me,I got married a couple months after I turned 30.I'm now 35 and am a happily married mum of 5.I can understand and agree with your list. I now find that some days I feel like I'm about 100.I was recently told by someone via Facebook,that I don't look any different than I did 10 years ago.

  2. Some days I feel about 100 too! That's great that you haven't really aged over the last 10 years though. I've been told by a few friends that I look better now than I did 10 years ago! Doesn't help on those days that I feel ancient though!

  3. I knew I was old when I found my first grey hair 'down there'. I had to pluck it out, which took about 5 attempts and was AGONY. Luckily no more have appeared since, as I am really dreading the next one. Does anyone know if it's possible or even safe to dye the lady garden? I'm scared to google it in case my partner sees it on the browser history.


  4. I think growing old is when we learn to express ourselves fully as women! Gosh i have gotten henna tattoos, beaded my hair and just learned Sarah that its about standing up for ourselves, not shying away as we're older.

    Ange - I know the feeling. A few months ago though I used a Scooby Doo cookie cutter we had to trim and shape my 'welcome mat'. The effect was BRILLLIANT! My hubs even did some sound effects down there!

    Welcome the grey hairs Ange, I'm sure Scooby has a few!